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"The Art Museum" (cont.)

Part 8

Moments later, they were inside the loft, still kissing each other passionately.  David tore Ava’s dress off and ripped off his satin suit as they made their way to his bedroom.  They fell on top of the bed, and continued kissing each other.  David was hard as a rock, and he couldn’t wait to get inside of her. 

            “D,” Ava said, out of breath, “do you have any…you know?  Protection?  I really want this, I just don’t wanna die for it.”

            “Of course, love,” David said, planting small kisses on her neck.  “They’re in the drawer.”

            Without looking, he opened the drawer to his nightstand and felt around, all the while, pleasuring Ava with his lips and hands.  He kept feeling around the drawer for the condoms, but couldn’t find them.  I was sure I left them right here, he thought.

            David stopped kissing Ava for a moment and leaned over the drawer to actually look inside.  He usually kept the condoms right between his bottle of Polo and pack of cigarettes, and he hadn’t been with a woman since meeting Ava.  In spite of that, what he wanted was missing.  He then remembered the house party he had a few weeks ago.  After it was over and he was about to retire to his bedroom, he found Trevor and his weekly bimbo sprawled across his bed, both naked as the day they were born, complete with torn condom wrappers all over the floor.  Trevor bragged about that encounter for days, and David could honestly vouch for him, since he was the once that had to wash his sheets…twice. 

            As disappointment crashed over David, he could feel his member get as soft as cooked spaghetti.  “Ava, love, you’re not going to believe this.”

            Ava chuckled as she tried to catch her breath.  “What’s wrong?”

            “I-I don’t have any condoms.”

            Ava sat up.  “What?”

            “I don’t have any condoms.  Trevor must’ve used them all at my party.”

            “You’re jokin’.”

            “I wish I was, darling.  They’re gone.”

            Ava sighed and fell back on the bed.  “Well, now what?”

            David exhaled and laid down beside her, caressing her face.  “I guess we just have to call it a night right here, love.  I’m sorry.”

            Ava looked over at David and smiled.  “The night doesn’t have to end here, D,” she said, placing her hand on top of his.

            David raised what should have been his eyebrows.  “Really?  You want to do it without the condom?  Because I can—-”

            Ava laughed.  “No, that’s not what I mean.  I wanna sleep with you.”

            David tilted his head.  “I’m a bit confused, darling.”

            “I wanna sleep with you.  I just wanna stay here and lay with you for the rest of the night.  That’s all.”

            David smiled.  “I’d like that, darling.”

            Ava smiled and kissed him.  “Would you like a nightshirt, love?” David asked her.

            Ava nodded.  “Sure.”

            David got up from the bed.  “Just wait a few ticks.”  He went to his dresser, put on some pajama bottoms and handed Ava a long black t-shirt.  Ava couldn’t help but laugh when she saw that the shirt read British Rugby Team.

            “Didn’t take you for a rugby player, D,” she said, still chuckling as she put the shirt.  David was slightly pained to see her get dressed again.

            “Oh no, darling.  I was never into sports much.  My cousin is on the rugby team.  I used to come to some of his games, but I’d always cheer at the wrong time and embarrass him.”

            Ava laughed and got into the bed.  “Maybe I’ll take you to a football game sometime.”

            David slipped under the covers with her.  “American football?  I don’t understand the game that much.”

            “I’ll tell you what’s going on.  You’ll love it.  My dad always took Adriana and I to see the Giants play.”

            David propped his head up with his hand.  “So it’s something very special to you, then?”

            “Yeah, it is.”

            “You won’t be embarrassed if I cheer at the wrong time, will you?”

            “Cross my heart.”

            “When’s the next time they play?”

            “In the next few weeks.”

            “Well then, I’ll see you at the stadium in a few weeks, darling.”

            “It’s a date.”

            Ava leaned over and gave David a soft kiss on the lips.  He pulled her closer to him, and Ava responded by wrapping her long arms around David’s thin waist, and resting her head on his chest.  “Good night, D,” she whispered.

            “Good night, darling.”

            David reached over to his nightstand and turned off the light.

            The next morning, Jason was venturing out to the Bronx to buy some blunts at his favorite bodega, and to spend a little time with a Puerto Rican girl he had met the night before.  Sure, he had a good thing going with his new dime piece, Sapphire, but he could always continue to test the waters just in case something better came along.  After all, he was a man.  After stepping out of the bodega, he ran into Marco. 

            ¿Qué pasa, hombre?” Marco said, giving Jason a pound.

            “What’s poppin’, man?” Jason responded.  “How’d that DJ gig go last night?”

            Marco laughed.  “Man, that shit was crazy.  Some black chick from England was hosting the show—-”

            Jason couldn’t resist asking his favorite question when it came to women.  “Was she fine?”

            “Yeah, she was fine.  She had a man, though.”

            Jason scoffed.  “That don’t mean shit to me, bruh.”

            “I heard she got a bun in the oven too, hombre.”

            Jason laughed.  “Next!”

            Marco cracked up along with him and gave him another pound.  “Anyway, guess who I saw out there last night.”


            No tetas.”

            Jason looked at him in disbelief.  “Ava?”

            “Yeah.  And I dare I say, the sister looked borderline fine.  Still ain’t got no tits, though.  Anyway, get this…no tetas is fuckin’ a white dude now.”

            Jason had an even more incredulous look on his face.  “A white dude?”

            “Hell, yeah.  Whitest dude I’ve ever seen.  Skinny as fuck, and got red hair that sticks straight up off his head.  She walked up in there hand in hand with his pasty ass.”

            Jason scowled.  “The fuck?  You trippin’, man.”

            “I’m trippin’?  Look here, I saw her and this dude walk off alone together mid way through the party last night, and they did shit that made the man in the moon blush.”

            Marco relayed how he hid in the bushes last night, and watched Ava and her new lover in the museum breezeway.  As Marco continued to tell his boy every sordid detail, Jason couldn’t help but feel the slightest pang of resentment.  He and this white boy were going to have to have a talk.

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"The Art Museum" (cont.)

Part 7

Back in the gallery, George was standing against the wall, admiring Paulette from afar while enjoying another glass of champagne.  Another security guard stood beside him.  “What’s up, brother?” he asked George, while nodding his head as a salute.

            “Good.  How are you?” George told him.

            “It’s been a hell of a night, man.”

            George narrowed his eyes in confusion.  “How do you mean?”

            “Back in England, did people ever get stimulated at your art shows?”

            George tilted his head.  “How do you mean?”

            “A couple of my boys caught a couple sexin’ each other tonight.  These paintings are good and all, but damn!”

Before George could say anything else, David and Ava entered the gallery.  “Oy, David!” George announced upon seeing him.  “Paulette said you were here!  How are you, mate?”

            David grinned and gave him a hug.  “I’m great.  You and Paulette put on a great show.”

            George gave him a hug.  “Thanks, mate.  And who’s this beauty?”

            “Yeah, what’s your name?” the security guard chimed in, eyeing Ava.

            “This is my friend Ava,” David said, lovingly.  “Ava, this is George, Paulette’s fiancé.”

            George took Ava’s hand and kissed it.  “Charmed.”

            “Hello, Ava,” said the security guard.

            “It’s nice to meet you,” Ava said, trying not to laugh at the guard.

            “Apparently, some of the patrons really enjoyed the show,” George said.  “According to—-”  George turned to the guard.  “I’m sorry, what was your name, mate?”

            “Kevin,” the guard answered.

            “According to Kevin, a couple was caught being intimate here tonight.  I never knew Paulette’s pieces had that kind of effect on people.”

            “You found a couple having sex tonight?” Ava asked.  Her knees started to get weak.  “Do you know who it was?”

            Kevin shrugged.  “I just heard it was an interracial couple.  We got the situation under control, though.  They’re being escorted out the building now.”

            As soon as David and Ava realized whom he was talking about, they could hear some commotion from the other side of the gallery.  Sure enough, two guards were seen guiding Mick and Adriana towards the exit.

            “What’s so wrong with two consentin’ adults shaggin’ behind a buildin’?”  Mick demanded, trying to wrangle his arm free from the guard.

            “I don’t know how you run things across the pond, buddy,” the guard gruffed, “but over here, we don’t ‘shag’ in public!  That’s indecent exposure, and now you and your ladyfriend’ll be brought up on charges!  Now, move!”

            David buried his head in his hands and sighed.  George patted him on the shoulder.  “It’s nice to see that Mick hasn’t changed.”

            David nodded and shook George’s hand.  “It was nice seeing you again, George.”  He turned to Ava and took her hand.  “Come on, love.  I think it really is time to go.”

            Bernard couldn’t drive the limo fast enough to take everyone home.  It took all of Ava’s energy not to jump on David again, and vice versa.  Every few minutes they would steal glances at each other and smile like two schoolchildren hiding a big secret.  If she didn’t know any better, Ava could’ve sworn that she actually saw David’s pale skin blush.  Every so often, David would take the tip of his index finger and lightly trace it from her bare shoulder down to her lower bicep.  His touch was erotic enough to make Ava shudder, yet tender, but he did it in such a way that Adriana and Mick didn’t even notice.  Of course, Mick and Adriana were too busy spending their time flirting with each other and apologizing to see what was going on.

            “I’m sorry that we caused you guys to leave the party early,” Adriana said, cuddle up against Mick, who was absentmindedly playing with her hair.  “We just got…” she looked up at Mick and grinning devilishly.  Mick returned her grin.  “…caught up in the moment,” she finished.

            David held up his hand in submission.  “It’s quite alright, love.”

            Mick straightened up in the seat and eyed him.  “You mean you’re not mad?  Embarrassed?”

            “Don’t get me wrong, you’re still a wanker, but Paulette didn’t press charges, and we all got off with a warning, no pun intended.  All’s well, ends well.”

            “Um-hmm,” Adriana said, eying him.  “So just what did the two of you do while we were gone?  If I remember correctly, you both went for a little stroll.”

            “We just looked at some of the other paintings and talked,” Ava lied.

            “Just talked?” Mick asked.

            “Yes,” David and Ava said together.

            “Right,” Adriana said, grinning. 

            The car came to a smooth stop.  “We have arrived at your residence, Mr. Ronson,” Bernard announced.

            “That’s us, love,” Mick said to Adriana.

            “Ava, honey, you don’t mind if I stay with Mick tonight, do you?”

            Ava waved her hand at her in dismissal.  Not only did she not mind Adriana spending the night at Mick’s place, she was banking on it.  “No problem.  You guys have fun.”

            Adriana giggled.  “We will.”  She gave Ava and David a hug.  “Bye, sweetie.  See ya, Red, and thanks for a lovely evening.  Bernard, always a pleasure.”

            “Thank you, Madame,” Bernard responded.

            “Let’s go, love,” Mick said, helping Adriana out of the car.  He stuck his head back in and grinned.  “You two ‘ave a good time, eh?” 

            As the car pulled away from Mick’s brownstone, David and Ava could see the two of them playing grab-ass as they went up the stairs.  “Could you put the partition up please, Bernard?” David asked after the car went further down the road.

            “Yes, sir,” Bernard replied.  As soon as the partition was up, David scooped Ava up into his arm and started to wildly kiss her. 

            “I thought they’d never leave,” David said, breathlessly.

            “Let’s go back to your place,” Ava said between kisses.

            David began necking her again.  “Whatever you want, darling.  Bernard!  My flat will be the last stop.”

            David laid Ava down in the seat of the car and kissed her entire body until Bernard reached his loft.

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"The Art Museum" (cont.)

Part 6

Ava was aroused and terrified of what she was feeling.  No man had ever made her come, including Jason.  All Ava’s other boyfriends used the same selfish ass technique when it came to sex:  wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am.  It usually lasted four to six minutes, just long enough for the dude to get his jollies.  Jason would try to hold out for at least ten minutes, just so he could brag to his boys and the random women he was screwing on the side about how much stamina he had.  Afterwards, they’d all roll over on their side of the bed and promptly go to sleep, while Ava would go back to her favorite book, television show, or drink a V-8 juice, thankful the ordeal was over.   All sex was to her was something she had to do to keep her man happy—-a favor, basically.  It never even occurred to her that the man could also take care of her needs.  Ava never understood what the big deal about sex was.  But as David gently laid her down on the bench and positioned his thin frame on top of hers, she was beginning to find out.

David kissed Ava’s full lips again and slid the thin shoulder straps of her dress downward.  He stroked and cupped her small, and now exposed breasts.  Ava loved the way he kissed and touched her.  It was as if she were the only woman in the world.  David’s lips moved down to her breasts, and he gently sucked on her left nipple.  This gave her immense pleasure.  David massaged the right breast with his hand, and moved his other hand between Ava’s legs once more.  He inserted two of his skinny fingers inside of her and began to move them back and forth. 

Ava’s moans became louder, and with that, David began to pump faster.  He put his mouth back over hers, but instead of kissing her, he put his tongue in her mouth.  Ava extended her tongue so hers and his met, tip to tip.  David pumped even faster, and the sound and frequency of Ava’s moans increased.  Her arousal was beginning to overtake her anxiousness for this new feeling.

David stopped fingering Ava and kneeled down to the floor, placing his head between her legs.  Ava leaned up and watched him.  She couldn’t believe what he was about to do.  He started to lick her clitoris, and then he placed his tongue inside her just as he did with his finger earlier.  David moved his tongue back and forth, and Ava watched as he worked.  She ran her fingers through David’s wild red hair, and released a moan that echoed off the walls of the breezeway.  He moved his tongue faster, and started making circles with it.  Ava’s breathing became heavier, and her moaning was turning into wild shrieks.  Just then, a wild idea popped into Ava’s head. 

She took a handful of David’s spiky mullet and pulled his head up.  David looked up at her, confused.  “What ‘tis it, darling?” he asked.  “Did I hurt you?”

Ava didn’t answer.  She sat up and pulled the shoulder straps of her dress back up.  She then guided David back down to the bench.  David still stared at her, bewildered.  He thought everything was going well.  Ava looked at him, completely out of breath, and she started to undo his belt buckle.  Her breathing became even heavier as she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.  She never took her eyes off him the entire time.  David looked back at her, but the confusion was completely gone from his face.  He knew what she wanted.  Ava reached inside David’s briefs and pulled his long member out.  David’s breath became erratic at the touch.  Ava leaned forward and took him into her mouth.  David closed his eyes and let out a sharp sigh as Ava pleasured him. 

She sucked him hard and rubbed his shaft with her free hand.  David leaned his head back and chuckled.  The wet dream he had the night before was no where near as good as the real thing.  Ava kept pleasuring him orally, and to reciprocate the sexual satisfaction, he lifted the bottom of Ava’s dress and started to fondle her womanhood.  Ava moaned as she moved her head up and down, wildly stimulating David’s penis with her mouth.  The faster and harder Ava sucked and stroked David, the faster David pumped his fingers in and out of Ava’s womanhood.  They could both feel the release coming soon, although Ava wasn’t quite sure what was happening on her end.  Before the moment could get there, Ava thought she heard a faint noise coming from the other end of the breezeway.  She quickly stopped what she was doing and sat up.  David started to neck her again, still hungry for more of her.

“Did you hear that, D?” she asked, full of anxiety.

“I didn’t hear anything, love,” David breathed between kisses.

The sounds started to get closer.  Along with them, there was a whistling sound echoing from the walls.  It only took another second for Ava to realize what the sounds were.  Someone was walking towards them. 

By this time, David was still wildly kissing her and he had pulled the straps of Ava’s dress back down and again, and was rubbing her breasts.

“D!” she said, pulling the straps back up.  David kept kissing her, oblivious to everything.  “D!” she repeat, more urgently.  “D, someone’s comin’!”

David stopped kissing her.  “What?”  Just then, he heard the footsteps and the whistling as well.  David quickly fixed his clothes and whisked Ava off the bench.  They ran down the breezeway and hid in a doorway for the janitor’s closet.  David and Ava looked around the corner from their hiding spot to see who the footsteps belonged to.  Sure enough, a security guard was making his rounds, whistling a happy tune to himself.  He stopped in front of the bench where David and Ava were pleasuring each other and admired a few of the paintings.  The guard walked a little further down the breezeway, still whistling.  Ava’s breath caught in her throat again.  This time, it was for a different reason.  We’re dead, she thought to herself.  Before the security guard could walk further down the breezeway, a man’s voice rang from his walkie talkie. 

“Fry?  Are you there?” asked the voice.

The security guard pulled out the walkie talkie and hit the button to speak.  “This is Fry.”

“Fry, we have a situation here.  We need you.”

“What kind of situation?”

“I don’t feel comfortable telling you about it over the airwaves.  I have to tell you in person.  Meet me behind the building.”

Fry sighed.  “Roger that.”  He turned and went in the opposite direction.

As soon as he was out of their sight, David and Ava breathed of sigh of relief and retreated from their hiding place, laughing. 

David took Ava by the hand.  “Are you alright, love?”

Ava nodded.  “I’m fine.”

“Are you ready to go yet?”

Ava nodded.  “Yeah.  Let’s get out of here.”

 David wrapped his arm around Ava’s waist and escorted her back to the exhibit.           

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"The Art Museum" (cont.)

Part 5

David and Ava crossed over to the opposite end of the room.  As they walked together, the event DJ caught sight of them.  His name was Marco, and he was a handsome, but brash young Puerto Rican man…and was also he was the best friend of Ava’s ex, Jason.  He continued to watch the couple until they exited the room.  “That can’t be no tetas,” he said to himself.  Marco then walked over to a waiter that was serving drinks. 

“Yo, Tito,” he said to him, “cover for me.  There’s somethin’ I have do right quick.”  The waiter nodded in agreement, and Marco walked out in the same direction as David and Ava.

            A few minutes later, David and Ava were sitting on a bench in a covered breezeway with a glass wall on one side, and gorgeous classical paintings hanging on the opposite wall.  Ava sat beside David and admired the paintings while she rubbed her sore feet.  “I’m sorry I had to sit down for a while,” Ava said.  “These shoes are killing me.”

            David smiled and shook his head.  “It’s no problem, darling.”  He looked down at her feet and gestured towards them.  “May I?”

            Ava shrugged.  “Sure.”  David took Ava’s little foot and gently massaged it.  His touch was soft, but firm.  Ava was surprised to find that David’s long, bony fingers were slightly calloused at the tips.  She figured it was from all his years of playing the guitar.

            Ava grinned.  “Feels good.  You’re a natural.”

            David grinned back at her.  “Thank you.  Are you having a good time?”

            “I’m having a great time.  I think that even Mick had fun tonight.”

            David chuckled.  “I’m sure Mick’ll have even more fun when he and Adriana get home.”

            Ava laughed.  “Knowing Adriana, she’s probably already got him behind the building or in a back room.”

            They laughed even harder.  After a few moments, David took Ava’s other foot and looked into her eyes as he massaged it.  “Darling, would you consider this a real date?”

            Ava playfully scowled.  “I thought this was supposed to be a friendly get together.”

            “Well, I have to be honest,” David said, softly rubbing the ball of her tiny foot.  “Saying that was the only way I could get you to come with me.”

            Ava nodded in resignation.  “I guess it is a real date.”  She watched him massage her foot for a while longer.

            “You don’t sound very happy about that.”

            “No, I am happy.  I’m having a great time.”  Ava looked over at David, who was concentrating on her feet again.  “I like you a lot.”

            David looked Ava in the eye again.  “I like you a lot too, darling.”

            “That’s why we shouldn’t see each other.”

            David chuckled.  “Why not?” 

            “I just don’t wanna mess up what we have.” Ava answered again.

            David stopped rubbing Ava’s foot and gently held up her face to meet his.  She looked into his intense, blue eyes.  “Nothing will be ruined between us,” he simply said.  Ava stared at him.  His statement was so sincere, and his masculinity shone through with it.  But yet, it was so gentle and loving…and sexy.  Ava couldn’t help but be turned on by it.

They looked at each other, silently for a few moments, their pent up desire rushing to the surface to be released.

            “Do you know what I read in Cosmo the other day?” Ava finally asked, still looking into David’s eyes.

            “What’s that, darling?” David asked, returning her stare.

            “I read that there’s a place where a man can kiss a woman that drives her crazy.”


            “Right here.” She glided her index finger along the side of her long neck.  “Do you think that’s true?” Ava asked.

            David smiled and slowly bent his head toward her neck.  Ava felt her body tingle as she sensed David’s warm breath getting closer to her skin.  His lips parted, and he softly devoured the side of Ava’s long, smooth neck.  Ava released a faint sigh as David kissed her.  David’s kisses became harder and more passionate.  He released Ava’s foot and slid her onto to his lap so smoothly that she hardly realized it.  Ava found herself moaning audibly as David moved his lips further up the side of her neck, and back down again. 

He continued to avidly neck her, and moved his hands to her breasts.  The minute he cupped and squeezed them, Ava lost her breath.  David’s fingers found their way inside Ava’s dress, and much to his delight, she wasn’t wearing anything under it.  He began to caress her underneath the dress as he kissed the other side of Ava’s neck. 

“Don’t stop,” Ava breathed.

David continued, as Ava felt her body twitch from his soft touch.  His kisses were even harder and more sensual.  He stopped kissing her for a moment to look at her.  Ava, who had her eyes closed the entire time David was kissing her, opened them and looked up at him.  They stared at each other for a few seconds before David placed his lips on hers.  Ava returned the kiss, while David let his fingers travel down to Ava’s legs.  He lifted the bottom of Ava’s gown slightly, and slipped his hand underneath the dress once again. 

Ava began to shudder as David’s fingers fondled her womanhood.  She began to feel muscles she never knew she had expand and contract.  The sensation was all too new to her…but she liked it.  Before she could really adjust, she felt David insert his finger inside of her.  Her breath caught in her throat once again as David made small, circular movements.  Meanwhile, David used his other hand to massage Ava’s small breast, and he continued to suck the side of her neck.  Ava closed her eyes again and took in the experience.

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"The Art Museum" (cont.)

Part 4

The two couples were driven to the art museum in David’s Rolls Royce.  Bernard, David’s personal driver, was the chauffeur.  The entire way to the art museum, Mick and Adriana talked and flirted with each other, while David and Ava silently took in the beauty of the New York City nightlife.  Every now and again, they’d glance at each other and smile. 

After about thirty minutes, the car arrived at the art museum.  The museum was had recently been opened and featured mostly modern art, but the building was lovely and old fashioned, with its vaulted ceilings, hardwood laminate floors and gold pillars.  Ava and David loved the art show.  It featured some singers, interpretive dancers, and some poetry readings.  After the show, Paulette featured her exhibit.  Ava couldn’t help but notice how beautiful David’s old friend was.  She seemed to glow.  Paulette had the same English accent as David, tanned brown skin and long, curly hair.  She wore a black dress that perfectly agreed with her figure.  Ava felt a twinge of jealousy.  So far, all of David’s female friends just happened to be his ex-girlfriends or lovers…and most of them weren’t friendly.  Paulette seemed to be different from the rest of them, but Ava had no doubts that she and David had history.

A few minutes after the exhibit started, the girls excused themselves to go to the bathroom, leaving David and Mick to look at some of the pieces by themselves.    They stopped at a painting of what appeared to be a house, while munching on hors d’oeuvres.

“The food is good,” David remarked between bites.

“‘Cause the art is shit,” Mick mumbled.

David couldn’t help but laugh at Mick’s comment, despite the fact that he felt the exact opposite.

“It’s not that bad,” David told him.

“‘Not that bad!?’  This whole thing is fuckin’ mental!”  Mick then leaned over to David with a grin and said, “I’m ready to get laid!”

David laughed again.  “Can’t you wait until after the exhibit?”

Mick rolled his eyes.  “Look mate, I haven’t been shagged for nearly a month now.  Adriana promised me that if I came ‘ere, I’d get laid.  She never said I had to endure the ‘ole show.”

“Why do you socialize with this unsophisticated bloke?” asked a sweet voice behind them.  They turned around to see Paulette standing behind them.

“Hallo, love!” David exclaimed giving her a hug.  “You look gorgeous!”

Paulette blushed.  “Thank you.  I almost didn’t recognize you out there.  I see you changed your look…again.”  She laughed and mussed his red mullet.  “Red hair.  The last time I saw you it was blond and beautiful!   And your eyebrows!  They’re gone!”

David laughed.  “It’s a long story.”

“I am invisible?” Mick asked.

Paulette narrowed her eyes at him.  “I’m not even speakin’ to you.  I heard your trash talk about me pieces.”

“You know I ain’t never cared for faggy art shows, Paulette.”

“That’s a very nasty word, Mick.  I’m not surprised, though.  Your idea of good art are those stupid paintings hanging in hotel rooms and doctors’ offices.”

She and David began to laugh.  “Those things are beautiful,” Mick retorted.

Paulette laughed even harder and gave Mick a hug.  “You know I love you, you nasty old bloke.”

Mick hugged her back.  “I love you too, you uptight hag.”

Paulette smiled and released her hug.  “So where’s Geoff?  I know he would’ve appreciated me pieces.”

“Geoff had a date.” David told her.  “He told me to tell you hallo and good luck.”

“Aww, it’s a shame he couldn’t come,” Paulette said.  “I was hoping to see him.  And what about Trevor and Woody?  How come they didn’t tag along with this bloke?”
            “Trevor and Woody had ‘ot dates,” Mick said, “and so did I.  Only difference is, my date wanted to come ‘ere.”

Paulette shook her head.  “She must’ve promised you somethin’.”

Mick nodded.  “Yep.”

“That poor girl.”

Ava and Adriana approached the group.  “Oh,” Adriana said upon seeing Paulette, “you’re the artist.”

“Yes.  I’m Paulette Weir.”

“Paulette, this is Ms. Adriana Cherry, Mick’s escort.” David said.

Paulette shook Adriana’s hand.  “Nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, and I love what you’re wearing.” Adriana said.

“Thank you.”

“And this gorgeous creature,” David said pulling Ava towards him, “is her sister, Ms. Ava Cherry.”  Ava felt her cheeks get hot.

Paulette chucked.  “Ava, it’s nice to meet you as well.”

Ava shook her hand.  “It’s a pleasure.  I love your work.  It’s really interesting.”

“No it ain’t.” Mick said, scowling.  Adriana gave him a playful tap on the shoulder.

Paulette rolled eyes.  “As you probably already figured out, the biggest difference between David and Mick is their taste in art.  David actually has some.”

Ava giggled.  “So how long have you guys known each other?”

“Ever since grammar school in Bromley,” Paulette replied.  “That’s basically a high school near London.  We were known as the weird beatniks and Yorkshire trash.”

“Ah, memories,” David said.

Ava couldn’t resist.  “Let me guess.  You two were a couple.” She gestured towards David and Paulette.

David and Paulette laughed.  “No, we were always just good friends,” Paulette answered.  “David was much too much of a manwhore for me.”

David playfully pushed Paulette as the group started to laugh.  “Damn, that’s cold!” Adriana exclaimed.

“The love of my life is right over there,” Paulette said, pointing towards the far right of the museum.  Ava looked over and saw a tall, handsome black man with wavy hair and a dazzling smile.

“So George showed up after all?” David asked.

“Yes,” Paulette said, beaming.  “And guess what?  I’m pregnant!”

David gave her another hug.  “Really!  Congratulations, darling!”

“Congratulations, that’s wonderful!” Ava said.

Mick gave Paulette a hug and kiss on the cheek.  “Thank you all,” Paulette told them.  “I’m really excited about it.  Well, I have to go.  There’s some other big wigs that I have to meet.  I’m hopin’ they’ll buy the rest of the pieces.  I have a little one to make a living for now.”

Paulette gave Mick and David one last peck on the cheek, waved to the girls and walked away.

            David softy touched Ava on the shoulder.  “Would you like to take a walk with me?” he asked her.

            Ava smiled and nodded.  “Sure.”

            “We’ll be right back,” David said to Adriana and Mick.

            Adriana raised her eyebrows.  “Where are you two goin’?”

            “For a walk,” Ava said.  “We’ll be back in a few.”

            “Right,” Adriana said, grinning.  “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

            Ava rolled her eyes and walked off with David, their arms interlocked.  Mick pulled Adriana close to him and whispered, “Would you like to go to a more secluded part of the museum, love?”

            Adriana beamed.  “I thought you’d never ask.”  Mick grinned back and took intertwined his hand with Adriana’s, leading her outside of the museum. 

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"The Art Museum" (cont.)

Part 3

The next night, Ava and Adriana were getting ready for their dates with David and Mick.  Ava had on an elegant backless navy blue dress with a plunging neckline, and long gold chain earrings, with matching open toe gold pumps.  Adriana was wearing a sexy gold dress with a hemline that ended right above her knees.  She was wearing open toe gold pumps similar to Ava’s.

“So you gonna give David some tonight or what?” Adriana asked as she and Ava applied their makeup at the vanity mirror.

Ava cut her eyes at Adriana.  “Not that it’s any of your business, but I hadn’t planned on it.”

Adriana scowled.  “Girl, what’s wrong with you?”

Ava sighed.  “Look, I’ve already told you.  I’m just not ready for all that yet.”

“You like him, he likes you.  What’s the big damn deal?”

“For the thousandth time, we work together.  He’s my boss.  I don’t wanna lose the guys’ respect or his.  Not only that, but we’re friends, and I don’t wanna lose that, either.”

Adriana applied some blush to her cheeks and sighed.  “You know what your problem is?”

Ava rolled her eyes.  “I’m sure you’re gonna tell me.”

“You think too much.  You need to just follow your heart.”

“The last time I did that, I found my boyfriend humpin’ the shit out of some ho a year later, and he had the nerve to throw me out of what was supposed to be our apartment.”

“That was Jason.  Not David.  Every man isn’t Jason.  It’s okay to move on, especially if you’ve met someone that you really like.  D is a fun guy and he’s nice.  It’s okay to like him.  Remember that he’s not some mythical god that can curse you to walk the earth alone for all eternity.  He’s just a man.”

Ava grinned.  “Thanks, Dr. Phil.”

“You’re welcome.  Anytime.  Now cheer up!  We’re hangin’ out with rich English noblemen tonight!”

Ava laughed.  “Uh…they’re far from noblemen.  D didn’t get wealthy until recently, and Mick is working class through and through.”

Adriana stopped applying her makeup and scowled.  “But they’re rich now, right?”
            Ava chuckled again.  “Right.”

Adriana smiled and continued putting on her eye shadow.  “Then, that’s all that matters.  Now, did you stuff your bra?”

“I’m not wearing a bra.”

“Hmmm.  Alright, girl!”

Ava laughed and started putting her lipstick on.  In the hallway of her apartment building, David and Mick were walking up.  Mick had on a dapper black suit with a black and white striped tie.  His long, blond hair flowed against his shoulders.  David wore a shimmery, satin lavender dress shirt, with a satin blue vest and slacks. 

“Hey, Mick.  Do you think I should’ve worn me makeup?” David asked.

Mick scowled at him.  “Are you pullin’ me leg, mate?  We’re takin’ out chicks, not doin’ a show.”

David shrugged.  “I guess I’ve been wearin’ me makeup so long, I’m starting to feel naked without it.”

They turned around and noticed a woman coming out of her apartment, looking at them in surprise.

David and Mick grimaced.  “It’s not what you think, Madame,” David told them.

The woman simply turned and walked away.  Mick sighed.  “Thanks a lot, David!”

“I’m sorry, mate.”

“Look, if I’m gonna go to this faggy art show, we need to lay down some ground rules.  I don’t wanna ‘ear anything about your makeup, you bein’ naked—-in fact, don’t talk about you bein’ naked around me ever—-and don’t mention your mum.”


“I’m gonna get laid tonight!” Mick boomed, cutting David off.  “I won’t be in the mood if you mention your mum!”

David eyed Mick.  “Okay…  Well, I’ve got some rules for you, too.”


“Don’t act rude or crass tonight.  Don’t tell everyone you’re gonna get laid, and don’t announce out loud that you have to wee.  Just quietly excuse yourself and go to the lavatory.”

Mick sighed.  “Now you sound like your mum.  Let’s just go, look at some paintings and performances, and get some tail, okay?”

David sighed, and knocked on Ava’s door.  The minute Ava opened the door, she smiled brightly upon seeing the men.  David felt his manhood go stiff upon seeing Ava in her dress.  His mind automatically went back to the dream he had the night before.

“Hey guys,” Ava chimed.

“Hallo,” David and Mick said.

Adriana walked up to the door.  “Hey there, fellas.  You two look awfully spruced up tonight.”

“You ain’t too bad yourself, love,” Mick told her.

“Yes, you two look very lovely,” David said, looking intently at Ava.  Ava returned the look.

“Well, we better go,” David told them.  “The driver outside is waiting.”

“Ooh,” Adriana cooed.  She softly elbowed Ava in the ribs.  “We have a car waiting.  Talk about going in style.”

She took Mick’s arm and sashayed out of the apartment with him.  As they walked out, David politely held out his arm for Ava.  Ava smiled, interlocked her arm with his, and let him escort her out.

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"The Art Museum" (cont.)

 Part 2

Later that night, David was back in his lush loft apartment, writing a new song in bed.  He looked over and saw that it was nearly 2 a.m. and decided to go to bed.  David put his notebook away and turned off the light.  As soon as he laid down, he heard a sound.  He stirred in the bed, but didn’t turn the light back on; he wanted to make sure there was actually someone in the loft first.  If so, he would give the intruder a hell of a surprise with his legally registered handgun, or the switchblade he kept under his bed. 


David sat up in bed.  Now he knew that someone was in his apartment.  It wasn’t just a noise he heard, it was a voice, and whomever the voice belonged to knew who he was.  David was alarmed, but not frightened…the voice belonged to a woman.

“D,” the voice said, quietly and more sexily.  David now recognized the voice.  He looked over to the far left corner on the opposite end of his bedroom, and saw a silhouette of a woman in the moonlight, slipping what seemed to be a trench coat off her shoulders.  David felt himself go stiff…in a good way.

The woman walked over to the bed and straddled David.  “Hi, D.”

David swallowed.  “H-Hallo.”

She turned on the light.  David’s eyes widened when he saw Ava on top of him, clad in navy blue lingerie, and stroking his pale, bare chest.  He knew her voice when she called out to him, but he didn’t really believe it was her.  David dreamed of having Ava in his bed for weeks, and now that it was really happening, he didn’t know how to react.

“Ava, love?” he asked.

“Yes, D?” she replied.

“How did you get in here?”

Ava grinned.  “I used my charm.”

David smiled.  “Ah.  Well, what are you doing here?”

Ava began pulling down his pajama bottoms.  “I thought that was painfully obvious.”

David nodded.  She had never been this forward before.  “Yes it ‘tis.  But, I thought you said you didn’t want to get into a relationship—-”

“I thought about what the guys said this afternoon,” she said, cutting David off.  “And they’re right.  What I need is a good ‘shagging,’ or as we say in this country, a good lay.”

She had now pulled his pants and his boxers completely off, leaving David naked on the bed with Ava straddling him.

“You know you want this as much as I do,” Ava told him, breathlessly.

“Yes, darling,” David replied.  “I just don’t want you to do anything you may regret later.”

Ava shook her head.  “I won’t regret this.”

“Ava, love, I just want to you know that you’re very special to me.  You’re not just another woman that I want to sleep with.  I want to—-”

Ava put her finger over David’s lips.  “Shhh…  You talk too much.”

 She removed her finger.  “Yes,” David finally said.  “I talk a lot.”

Ava softly kissed him on the lips.  David returned it, sweetly.  Soon, lust and pent up passion overtook them, making their kisses more aggressive and their breathing heavier.  David started to remove Ava’s lingerie until there was nothing between them.  He then rolled over on top of her and let his hands explore her body.  Ava ran her fingers through David’s red mullet.  They continued kissing for a while longer, until Ava turned David on his back and straddled him once again.  This time, she turned herself around so her back was facing him.  She positioned herself over his member and slid herself onto it, moaning deeply.

Once Ava had David inside of her, she started to ride him fast paced.  David tilted his head back and closed his eyes in ecstasy, his moans in synch with hers.  Ava quickened her pace as David grabbed her hips and massaged her ample behind.  David opened his eyes and watched her grinding him.  Watching her make love to him turned him on even more.  Ava grabbed herself between her legs to feel David inside her, all the while pounding him hard and fast. 

David couldn’t believe it.  He was finally inside of Ava, and it was more incredible than he ever imagined.  It seemed as if she was somehow psychically attuned to his sexual needs…and she did more than provide them.  She was so tight, and so wet, not to mention that the reverse cowgirl position always blew his mind…David could feel the inevitable release coming soon.

“D,” Ava breathed, still working him.  “Are…are you coming yet?”

David moaned loudly and tried to get his thoughts together to give her an answer.  “No…” he huffed back, lying through his teeth.  “No…keep on going.”

Ava moaned even louder and continued humping David.  David didn’t want it to end, but he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out.  He silently thanked God for the tantric lovemaking sessions he took back in England.  Before he knew it, he and Ava were off his bed, and standing up, still screwing each other…only this time, David was pounding her from behind…and still loving every minute of it.

Funny, David thought.  I don’t even remember getting off the bed.  This is wild!  Ava and David both grunted loudly as he thrust himself inside of her again…and again…and again.  Finally, David couldn’t take anymore.  He orgasmed, with Ava following right behind him.  They released one last powerful moan together, as David stood Ava upright and softly fondled her breasts.

“Oh my God,” David said, catching his breath, and caressing Ava’s body.  “Was that good for you, darling?”

Ava turned to face him and ran her own small hands down David’s pale, thin frame.  “You’re an excellent lover.”

David smiled, shyly.  “Thank you.”

They kissed, while David explored Ava’s slender body, namely her bare butt.  Ava moaned as he rubbed her derrière.  David started planting small, tender kisses on Ava’s full lips and cheek.   After a few moments he stopped, and looked her in the eye, admiring her beauty.

“You don’t know how long I’ve fantasized about this,” David told her.

Ava started to laugh.  David looked back at her, slightly confused.  “This is a dream, you silly Brit,” she said.

David heard his IPhone going off.  Ava grinned at him.  “You better get that, D.”

David woke up in his bed in the darkness.  He quickly sat up and turned the light on.  There was no one else there but him.  His notebook was by his side, and his IPhone was ringing on the nightstand.  He groggily slumped back down in the bed and picked up the phone.  It was Trevor.

It ‘twas a dream, David thought to himself.  But it felt so real…

David answered the phone with his eyes half closed.  “Hallo?”

“Oy, David!” Trevor’s voice rang on the other end.  “You won’t believe what ‘appened to me tonight, mate!”

“Trevor…do you know what time it ‘tis?” David said, rubbing his eyes.

“Yeah!  It’s three in the mornin’!  Anyway, I got with three chicks tonight!  Lemme tell ya how it ‘appened.  You see—-”

“Trevor, Trevor,” David impatiently cut him off.  “I was sleeping.  Good night.”

“No, don’t ‘ang up yet!”

“Trevor, you just ruined a perfectly good wet dream; one of the best I ever had in me life.”

“Oy, it ain’t my fault you ain’t got the balls to fuck Ava in real life!  Maybe then you wouldn’t be so salty ‘bout wakin’ up from a wet dream!  Now lemme tell ya about the three chicks I just had!”

“Good night, Trevor!” With that, David pressed the release button on the IPhone and went back to sleep, hoping to see Ava again in his dreams.

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