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"The Art Museum" (cont.)

Part 6

Ava was aroused and terrified of what she was feeling.  No man had ever made her come, including Jason.  All Ava’s other boyfriends used the same selfish ass technique when it came to sex:  wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am.  It usually lasted four to six minutes, just long enough for the dude to get his jollies.  Jason would try to hold out for at least ten minutes, just so he could brag to his boys and the random women he was screwing on the side about how much stamina he had.  Afterwards, they’d all roll over on their side of the bed and promptly go to sleep, while Ava would go back to her favorite book, television show, or drink a V-8 juice, thankful the ordeal was over.   All sex was to her was something she had to do to keep her man happy—-a favor, basically.  It never even occurred to her that the man could also take care of her needs.  Ava never understood what the big deal about sex was.  But as David gently laid her down on the bench and positioned his thin frame on top of hers, she was beginning to find out.

David kissed Ava’s full lips again and slid the thin shoulder straps of her dress downward.  He stroked and cupped her small, and now exposed breasts.  Ava loved the way he kissed and touched her.  It was as if she were the only woman in the world.  David’s lips moved down to her breasts, and he gently sucked on her left nipple.  This gave her immense pleasure.  David massaged the right breast with his hand, and moved his other hand between Ava’s legs once more.  He inserted two of his skinny fingers inside of her and began to move them back and forth. 

Ava’s moans became louder, and with that, David began to pump faster.  He put his mouth back over hers, but instead of kissing her, he put his tongue in her mouth.  Ava extended her tongue so hers and his met, tip to tip.  David pumped even faster, and the sound and frequency of Ava’s moans increased.  Her arousal was beginning to overtake her anxiousness for this new feeling.

David stopped fingering Ava and kneeled down to the floor, placing his head between her legs.  Ava leaned up and watched him.  She couldn’t believe what he was about to do.  He started to lick her clitoris, and then he placed his tongue inside her just as he did with his finger earlier.  David moved his tongue back and forth, and Ava watched as he worked.  She ran her fingers through David’s wild red hair, and released a moan that echoed off the walls of the breezeway.  He moved his tongue faster, and started making circles with it.  Ava’s breathing became heavier, and her moaning was turning into wild shrieks.  Just then, a wild idea popped into Ava’s head. 

She took a handful of David’s spiky mullet and pulled his head up.  David looked up at her, confused.  “What ‘tis it, darling?” he asked.  “Did I hurt you?”

Ava didn’t answer.  She sat up and pulled the shoulder straps of her dress back up.  She then guided David back down to the bench.  David still stared at her, bewildered.  He thought everything was going well.  Ava looked at him, completely out of breath, and she started to undo his belt buckle.  Her breathing became even heavier as she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.  She never took her eyes off him the entire time.  David looked back at her, but the confusion was completely gone from his face.  He knew what she wanted.  Ava reached inside David’s briefs and pulled his long member out.  David’s breath became erratic at the touch.  Ava leaned forward and took him into her mouth.  David closed his eyes and let out a sharp sigh as Ava pleasured him. 

She sucked him hard and rubbed his shaft with her free hand.  David leaned his head back and chuckled.  The wet dream he had the night before was no where near as good as the real thing.  Ava kept pleasuring him orally, and to reciprocate the sexual satisfaction, he lifted the bottom of Ava’s dress and started to fondle her womanhood.  Ava moaned as she moved her head up and down, wildly stimulating David’s penis with her mouth.  The faster and harder Ava sucked and stroked David, the faster David pumped his fingers in and out of Ava’s womanhood.  They could both feel the release coming soon, although Ava wasn’t quite sure what was happening on her end.  Before the moment could get there, Ava thought she heard a faint noise coming from the other end of the breezeway.  She quickly stopped what she was doing and sat up.  David started to neck her again, still hungry for more of her.

“Did you hear that, D?” she asked, full of anxiety.

“I didn’t hear anything, love,” David breathed between kisses.

The sounds started to get closer.  Along with them, there was a whistling sound echoing from the walls.  It only took another second for Ava to realize what the sounds were.  Someone was walking towards them. 

By this time, David was still wildly kissing her and he had pulled the straps of Ava’s dress back down and again, and was rubbing her breasts.

“D!” she said, pulling the straps back up.  David kept kissing her, oblivious to everything.  “D!” she repeat, more urgently.  “D, someone’s comin’!”

David stopped kissing her.  “What?”  Just then, he heard the footsteps and the whistling as well.  David quickly fixed his clothes and whisked Ava off the bench.  They ran down the breezeway and hid in a doorway for the janitor’s closet.  David and Ava looked around the corner from their hiding spot to see who the footsteps belonged to.  Sure enough, a security guard was making his rounds, whistling a happy tune to himself.  He stopped in front of the bench where David and Ava were pleasuring each other and admired a few of the paintings.  The guard walked a little further down the breezeway, still whistling.  Ava’s breath caught in her throat again.  This time, it was for a different reason.  We’re dead, she thought to herself.  Before the security guard could walk further down the breezeway, a man’s voice rang from his walkie talkie. 

“Fry?  Are you there?” asked the voice.

The security guard pulled out the walkie talkie and hit the button to speak.  “This is Fry.”

“Fry, we have a situation here.  We need you.”

“What kind of situation?”

“I don’t feel comfortable telling you about it over the airwaves.  I have to tell you in person.  Meet me behind the building.”

Fry sighed.  “Roger that.”  He turned and went in the opposite direction.

As soon as he was out of their sight, David and Ava breathed of sigh of relief and retreated from their hiding place, laughing. 

David took Ava by the hand.  “Are you alright, love?”

Ava nodded.  “I’m fine.”

“Are you ready to go yet?”

Ava nodded.  “Yeah.  Let’s get out of here.”

 David wrapped his arm around Ava’s waist and escorted her back to the exhibit.           

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