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"The Art Museum" (cont.)

Part 7

Back in the gallery, George was standing against the wall, admiring Paulette from afar while enjoying another glass of champagne.  Another security guard stood beside him.  “What’s up, brother?” he asked George, while nodding his head as a salute.

            “Good.  How are you?” George told him.

            “It’s been a hell of a night, man.”

            George narrowed his eyes in confusion.  “How do you mean?”

            “Back in England, did people ever get stimulated at your art shows?”

            George tilted his head.  “How do you mean?”

            “A couple of my boys caught a couple sexin’ each other tonight.  These paintings are good and all, but damn!”

Before George could say anything else, David and Ava entered the gallery.  “Oy, David!” George announced upon seeing him.  “Paulette said you were here!  How are you, mate?”

            David grinned and gave him a hug.  “I’m great.  You and Paulette put on a great show.”

            George gave him a hug.  “Thanks, mate.  And who’s this beauty?”

            “Yeah, what’s your name?” the security guard chimed in, eyeing Ava.

            “This is my friend Ava,” David said, lovingly.  “Ava, this is George, Paulette’s fiancé.”

            George took Ava’s hand and kissed it.  “Charmed.”

            “Hello, Ava,” said the security guard.

            “It’s nice to meet you,” Ava said, trying not to laugh at the guard.

            “Apparently, some of the patrons really enjoyed the show,” George said.  “According to—-”  George turned to the guard.  “I’m sorry, what was your name, mate?”

            “Kevin,” the guard answered.

            “According to Kevin, a couple was caught being intimate here tonight.  I never knew Paulette’s pieces had that kind of effect on people.”

            “You found a couple having sex tonight?” Ava asked.  Her knees started to get weak.  “Do you know who it was?”

            Kevin shrugged.  “I just heard it was an interracial couple.  We got the situation under control, though.  They’re being escorted out the building now.”

            As soon as David and Ava realized whom he was talking about, they could hear some commotion from the other side of the gallery.  Sure enough, two guards were seen guiding Mick and Adriana towards the exit.

            “What’s so wrong with two consentin’ adults shaggin’ behind a buildin’?”  Mick demanded, trying to wrangle his arm free from the guard.

            “I don’t know how you run things across the pond, buddy,” the guard gruffed, “but over here, we don’t ‘shag’ in public!  That’s indecent exposure, and now you and your ladyfriend’ll be brought up on charges!  Now, move!”

            David buried his head in his hands and sighed.  George patted him on the shoulder.  “It’s nice to see that Mick hasn’t changed.”

            David nodded and shook George’s hand.  “It was nice seeing you again, George.”  He turned to Ava and took her hand.  “Come on, love.  I think it really is time to go.”

            Bernard couldn’t drive the limo fast enough to take everyone home.  It took all of Ava’s energy not to jump on David again, and vice versa.  Every few minutes they would steal glances at each other and smile like two schoolchildren hiding a big secret.  If she didn’t know any better, Ava could’ve sworn that she actually saw David’s pale skin blush.  Every so often, David would take the tip of his index finger and lightly trace it from her bare shoulder down to her lower bicep.  His touch was erotic enough to make Ava shudder, yet tender, but he did it in such a way that Adriana and Mick didn’t even notice.  Of course, Mick and Adriana were too busy spending their time flirting with each other and apologizing to see what was going on.

            “I’m sorry that we caused you guys to leave the party early,” Adriana said, cuddle up against Mick, who was absentmindedly playing with her hair.  “We just got…” she looked up at Mick and grinning devilishly.  Mick returned her grin.  “…caught up in the moment,” she finished.

            David held up his hand in submission.  “It’s quite alright, love.”

            Mick straightened up in the seat and eyed him.  “You mean you’re not mad?  Embarrassed?”

            “Don’t get me wrong, you’re still a wanker, but Paulette didn’t press charges, and we all got off with a warning, no pun intended.  All’s well, ends well.”

            “Um-hmm,” Adriana said, eying him.  “So just what did the two of you do while we were gone?  If I remember correctly, you both went for a little stroll.”

            “We just looked at some of the other paintings and talked,” Ava lied.

            “Just talked?” Mick asked.

            “Yes,” David and Ava said together.

            “Right,” Adriana said, grinning. 

            The car came to a smooth stop.  “We have arrived at your residence, Mr. Ronson,” Bernard announced.

            “That’s us, love,” Mick said to Adriana.

            “Ava, honey, you don’t mind if I stay with Mick tonight, do you?”

            Ava waved her hand at her in dismissal.  Not only did she not mind Adriana spending the night at Mick’s place, she was banking on it.  “No problem.  You guys have fun.”

            Adriana giggled.  “We will.”  She gave Ava and David a hug.  “Bye, sweetie.  See ya, Red, and thanks for a lovely evening.  Bernard, always a pleasure.”

            “Thank you, Madame,” Bernard responded.

            “Let’s go, love,” Mick said, helping Adriana out of the car.  He stuck his head back in and grinned.  “You two ‘ave a good time, eh?” 

            As the car pulled away from Mick’s brownstone, David and Ava could see the two of them playing grab-ass as they went up the stairs.  “Could you put the partition up please, Bernard?” David asked after the car went further down the road.

            “Yes, sir,” Bernard replied.  As soon as the partition was up, David scooped Ava up into his arm and started to wildly kiss her. 

            “I thought they’d never leave,” David said, breathlessly.

            “Let’s go back to your place,” Ava said between kisses.

            David began necking her again.  “Whatever you want, darling.  Bernard!  My flat will be the last stop.”

            David laid Ava down in the seat of the car and kissed her entire body until Bernard reached his loft.

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