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"The Art Museum" (cont.)

Part 8

Moments later, they were inside the loft, still kissing each other passionately.  David tore Ava’s dress off and ripped off his satin suit as they made their way to his bedroom.  They fell on top of the bed, and continued kissing each other.  David was hard as a rock, and he couldn’t wait to get inside of her. 

            “D,” Ava said, out of breath, “do you have any…you know?  Protection?  I really want this, I just don’t wanna die for it.”

            “Of course, love,” David said, planting small kisses on her neck.  “They’re in the drawer.”

            Without looking, he opened the drawer to his nightstand and felt around, all the while, pleasuring Ava with his lips and hands.  He kept feeling around the drawer for the condoms, but couldn’t find them.  I was sure I left them right here, he thought.

            David stopped kissing Ava for a moment and leaned over the drawer to actually look inside.  He usually kept the condoms right between his bottle of Polo and pack of cigarettes, and he hadn’t been with a woman since meeting Ava.  In spite of that, what he wanted was missing.  He then remembered the house party he had a few weeks ago.  After it was over and he was about to retire to his bedroom, he found Trevor and his weekly bimbo sprawled across his bed, both naked as the day they were born, complete with torn condom wrappers all over the floor.  Trevor bragged about that encounter for days, and David could honestly vouch for him, since he was the once that had to wash his sheets…twice. 

            As disappointment crashed over David, he could feel his member get as soft as cooked spaghetti.  “Ava, love, you’re not going to believe this.”

            Ava chuckled as she tried to catch her breath.  “What’s wrong?”

            “I-I don’t have any condoms.”

            Ava sat up.  “What?”

            “I don’t have any condoms.  Trevor must’ve used them all at my party.”

            “You’re jokin’.”

            “I wish I was, darling.  They’re gone.”

            Ava sighed and fell back on the bed.  “Well, now what?”

            David exhaled and laid down beside her, caressing her face.  “I guess we just have to call it a night right here, love.  I’m sorry.”

            Ava looked over at David and smiled.  “The night doesn’t have to end here, D,” she said, placing her hand on top of his.

            David raised what should have been his eyebrows.  “Really?  You want to do it without the condom?  Because I can—-”

            Ava laughed.  “No, that’s not what I mean.  I wanna sleep with you.”

            David tilted his head.  “I’m a bit confused, darling.”

            “I wanna sleep with you.  I just wanna stay here and lay with you for the rest of the night.  That’s all.”

            David smiled.  “I’d like that, darling.”

            Ava smiled and kissed him.  “Would you like a nightshirt, love?” David asked her.

            Ava nodded.  “Sure.”

            David got up from the bed.  “Just wait a few ticks.”  He went to his dresser, put on some pajama bottoms and handed Ava a long black t-shirt.  Ava couldn’t help but laugh when she saw that the shirt read British Rugby Team.

            “Didn’t take you for a rugby player, D,” she said, still chuckling as she put the shirt.  David was slightly pained to see her get dressed again.

            “Oh no, darling.  I was never into sports much.  My cousin is on the rugby team.  I used to come to some of his games, but I’d always cheer at the wrong time and embarrass him.”

            Ava laughed and got into the bed.  “Maybe I’ll take you to a football game sometime.”

            David slipped under the covers with her.  “American football?  I don’t understand the game that much.”

            “I’ll tell you what’s going on.  You’ll love it.  My dad always took Adriana and I to see the Giants play.”

            David propped his head up with his hand.  “So it’s something very special to you, then?”

            “Yeah, it is.”

            “You won’t be embarrassed if I cheer at the wrong time, will you?”

            “Cross my heart.”

            “When’s the next time they play?”

            “In the next few weeks.”

            “Well then, I’ll see you at the stadium in a few weeks, darling.”

            “It’s a date.”

            Ava leaned over and gave David a soft kiss on the lips.  He pulled her closer to him, and Ava responded by wrapping her long arms around David’s thin waist, and resting her head on his chest.  “Good night, D,” she whispered.

            “Good night, darling.”

            David reached over to his nightstand and turned off the light.

            The next morning, Jason was venturing out to the Bronx to buy some blunts at his favorite bodega, and to spend a little time with a Puerto Rican girl he had met the night before.  Sure, he had a good thing going with his new dime piece, Sapphire, but he could always continue to test the waters just in case something better came along.  After all, he was a man.  After stepping out of the bodega, he ran into Marco. 

            ¿Qué pasa, hombre?” Marco said, giving Jason a pound.

            “What’s poppin’, man?” Jason responded.  “How’d that DJ gig go last night?”

            Marco laughed.  “Man, that shit was crazy.  Some black chick from England was hosting the show—-”

            Jason couldn’t resist asking his favorite question when it came to women.  “Was she fine?”

            “Yeah, she was fine.  She had a man, though.”

            Jason scoffed.  “That don’t mean shit to me, bruh.”

            “I heard she got a bun in the oven too, hombre.”

            Jason laughed.  “Next!”

            Marco cracked up along with him and gave him another pound.  “Anyway, guess who I saw out there last night.”


            No tetas.”

            Jason looked at him in disbelief.  “Ava?”

            “Yeah.  And I dare I say, the sister looked borderline fine.  Still ain’t got no tits, though.  Anyway, get this…no tetas is fuckin’ a white dude now.”

            Jason had an even more incredulous look on his face.  “A white dude?”

            “Hell, yeah.  Whitest dude I’ve ever seen.  Skinny as fuck, and got red hair that sticks straight up off his head.  She walked up in there hand in hand with his pasty ass.”

            Jason scowled.  “The fuck?  You trippin’, man.”

            “I’m trippin’?  Look here, I saw her and this dude walk off alone together mid way through the party last night, and they did shit that made the man in the moon blush.”

            Marco relayed how he hid in the bushes last night, and watched Ava and her new lover in the museum breezeway.  As Marco continued to tell his boy every sordid detail, Jason couldn’t help but feel the slightest pang of resentment.  He and this white boy were going to have to have a talk.

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